Are you a School or PTA?

If you’re a school teacher or Headteacher, or if you’re a parent member of your child’s school PTA (Parent and Teacher Association), you’ll know first-hand how difficult it can be to reach your school’s fundraising targets. Pledjar helps make it easier for schools and PTAs to hit fundraising goals.

Now parents, teachers, families and the local community can round-up their transactions and donate their spare change to help fund vital school equipment, materials and school trips. Just download the Pledjar app!

Read more about the benefits to schools and PTAs below.

Select a charity

Once registered, you can encourage parents, guardians and grandparents to register with the app. Pennies donated can then help support purchasing new equipment and resources.

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If your school, university or educational trust is registered as a charity, you will also find the features that help you to claim the additional Gift Aid income useful.

To maintain high levels of transparency, we only work with organisations registered as charities with the Charity Commission.

How Schools/PTAs will benefit


Pledjar makes it quick and easy for families to make smaller, regular and contactless micro-donations instead of making larger and fewer lump sum donations.


No registration or monthly platform fees. Pledjar pass on 100% of the donation to your school/PTA so you can claim maximum Gift Aid. We charge 10% separately, on the amount we transferred to you – not the Gift Aided amount, so you retain 115% on Gift Aided donors.


School bursars, Headteacher or PTA member, you’ll be pleased to hear that our app’s data dashboard makes it super easy to keep track of all school donations.

Pledjar Charities Dashboard

“Our Pledjar Panel gives you valuable access to data insights and reports that will help you get the most from our platform.”

Muntazir Rai, COO