A message from Murtazir Rai, COO Pledjar:

We’re really excited to share that we’ve been ranked 14th place on the ‘2020 Business Cloud’s 100 FinTech Disrupters’.

This is a humbling achievement given that we only launched our automated micro-donations app earlier this year and are placed on a list alongside some really big leaders in the fintech space, like Starling and Revoult.

If this wasn’t good enough, it was incredible to be ranked the highest round-up fintech – beating all other round-up fintechs on the 100 list. The Pledjar team has worked really hard over the past year and contribute to do so, so it’s a great acknowledgement to be recognised in such a way.

The Business Cloud’s 100 FinTech Disrupters list pays tribute to UK companies who look to positively transform the way people handle their finances. This year’s top 100 chart was compiled from a combination of 5,000 reader votes and an independent judging panel.

So, thank you to everyone who voted for us and recognising what we’re aiming to achieve – to help make real change through small change, by making giving easier and affordable to everyone.

The recognition comes at an exciting time for Pledjar, as we’re rolling out technology improvements to our app and also have some really exciting developments to announce next week.

We can’t wait to share more with you, so make sure to keep following us on social media and on the app for the latest announcements.

In the meantime, you can take a look at the rest of the 100 list here. Well done to everyone else on the list for leading the way !