Giving Tuesday will be globally celebrated this year on Tuesday 1st December and, through social-hashtag activism, will aim to empower even more people to positively transform communities around the world.

The communal giving initiative, which was inspired by sales initiates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has been successfully running for nearly a decade and this year, it’s estimated that a whopping $605 million will be raised on the viral fundraising day.

This expected figure, taken from giving trends and Google, just shows that people are still giving even during a global pandemic and when like-minded people do come together, they can make a real difference. The popularity of Giving Tuesday is still on the rise and has even become a weekly commitment for many.

Pledjar is taking this form of micro-giving one step further with their auto-donation platform. Through their app, users can automatically round-up pennies from transactions and donate them to a chosen charity – so users can now make every day, a giving day.

Giving Tuesday falls right at the start of the festive period and benefits from the season of goodwill, where people are more likely to support charitable causes. It is a short yet important time of year where some charities will raise nearly half of their annual income.

However, with another lockdown firmly in place in the UK, the period has been shortened further and it will also be harder for the general public to donate those extra pennies in charity tins and buckets, which are usually such a familiar site during Christmas shopping.

Charities will no doubt suffer potential income losses in the millions but with Pledjar, users will still be able to give their pennies and support a charity of their choice, including some of the UK’s most loved charities.

The free to download app is available on both Apple and Android devices and uses the latest advancements in Open Banking to securely and privately sync up your transactions with the app, rounding-up your pennies along the way.

When combined with other users, giving small but giving regular can help make real change to communities and for those who love the idea of Giving Tuesday, they can make every day just as impactful through their spare change.

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