On Sunday 8th November, we’re coming together to celebrate Inter Faith Week, an initiative set up to encourage good will and understanding between those of different faiths to our own. Of course, this year will be a little different from normal, but the team at the Inter Faith Network have a wealth of activity suggestions to help you learn about and celebrate a range of faiths.

Pledjar has been founded to help you to help others with your spare change, and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to increase your understanding of how you can help others. In addition to all of the activities below, you can support faith-based charities like Who is Hussain, Swindon Youth for Christ and Muslim Hands with Pledjar this Inter Faith Week.

What is Inter Faith Week?

Since 2009, the Inter Faith Network had been hosting Inter Faith Week in order to promote positive relations between the range of faiths to be found in the UK. The Network hosts a range of activities each year which allow us to learn about, and empathise with a diverse range of religions, beliefs and spiritual identities.

How can I get involved?

Inter Faith Week 2020 is going to look a little different to previous years, as circumstances mean it is difficult to facilitate meeting lots of new people. That does not mean it will be any less enjoyable or enlightening, though. We’ve gathered some of the events we’re most excited for below, but the Network also encourages you to submit ideas for your own activities here.

  • Inter Faith Week Buddies

This activity has been going on since the beginning of September, but there’s no reason you can’t start now. People of different faiths have been paired up, and encouraged to keep in touch on a weekly basis – be that by phone call, video chat, texts or email. This presents a wonderful opportunity to hear directly from someone whose faith differs from yours, and build a personal connection with them. You could discuss anything you want, from your hobbies to the details of your worship. Those who began in September are encouraged to share reflections with one another at an event during Inter Faith Week, but you could set another date 8 or 10 weeks from when you begin.

  • A Week of Poetry and Prayers (throughout the week)

The Greater Yarmouth Inter Faith and Belief Network is hosting an ongoing exchange of poetry and prayer on their Facebook page from the 8th November. This will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the words and thoughts of other faiths in personal contemplation. The works posted will have submitted by the public, so you can share the poems or prayers that mean the most to you, too.

  • Interfaith Marriage Seminar (9th November, 7pm-8:30pm)

This virtual, interactive seminar will invite you to consider the challenges faced by interfaith couples, and how friends, family and faith groups can help to support such couples. Not only that, attendees will be encouraged to consider what we can learn from interfaith couples, too.

  • Local, in-person events

We’ve selected just some of the amazing online events being hosted throughout the week, but local groups in areas where it is safe to do so will also be hosting socially distanced, in-person events, from tree planting to ‘Tea, Samosas and Yorkshire Puddings!’ Head over to the events calendar to find out about any events near you.

Why does it matter?

We are lucky enough to live in a world, and a country, that is more diverse than ever before. If we do not learn from and about cultures and faiths different to our own, we limit our horizons and maximise opportunities to offend and agitate others, Inter Faith Week is an excellent opportunity to actively seek out and learn from belief systems we are, as yet, unfamiliar with.

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