How to support charities with flexible giving during COVID-19

Here at Pledjar, we know that the COVID-19 outbreak has made times tough in ways that no one could have expected. Whether your own job has been affected, or you’re having to support loved ones more than usual, your finances are probably looking a bit tighter than they were this time last year. Charitable giving in the traditional sense has taken a hit because of this, which makes sense; we don’t want to donate lump sums that we could need ourselves next month. That’s why we’ve launched our flexible giving platform, Pledjar, ahead of schedule – to help you carry on supporting the causes you care about, even in this period of uncertainty.

Pledjar uses Open Banking technology to integrate seamlessly with your bank account, allowing you to round up your normal purchases to the nearest pound. It then holds your spare change in a special pot, which you can then donate to your chosen charities at the end of the week. You remain in complete control of your money at all times, so if one month has been particularly tight, you don’t have to donate at all. Alternatively, you could donate some of the pot and keep the rest every little helps, after all. Then, when things are back to normal, you can start donating the whole pot again, without having the hassle of contacting your bank, or the charities directly, to change your regular donation.

We think this flexibility makes Pledjar a better option than static Direct Debit donations in the current climate, as you can change your donation amount from month to month. It’s also a simpler system. You don’t need to spend hours fitting charities into your standard budget, because the pennies will be set aside as you go about your weekly shop or treating yourself to a summer clothes haul. Donating with us is as simple as checking your emails, with our sleek two tap process, and you can still choose to Gift Aid your donations. When we all have so much to focus on at the moment, charitable giving couldn’t be easier than with Pledjar.

As well as fitting into your life, our app helps charities to keep on receiving regular donations every month. Although the amount may vary, having a regular income in times of such uncertainty is a real comfort, especially since COVID-19 has cancelled lots of fundraising events that would have brought in a lot of vital income. We currently work with a range of great charities and are building connections with new causes all of the time. You can choose different charities to donate to every month should you wish, giving you the flexibility to support a variety of wonderful causes. You can also choose up to three charities to support.

Charities desperately need our support in these difficult times, but we also need to take care of ourselves. Our flexible giving options are designed to keep you in control whilst giving charities the security of regular donations in a period of immense uncertainty. Download Pledjar now, on Android or iOS, and start putting your spare change to work for great causes in the simplest way possible.

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