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How do you sign up to Pledjar?

How do you sign up to Pledjar?
What's the difference between automatic and manual round-ups?

What's the difference between automatic and manual round-ups?
Does Pledjar have access to my bank account?

Does Pledjar have access to my bank account?

What is Open Banking, and is it safe?

What is Open Banking, and is it safe?

How can charities connect with their donors?

How can charities connect with their donors?

When will my first donation be taken from my account?
When will my first donation be taken from my account?

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Is Pledjar Regulated?

Yes, Pledjar is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we are committed to operating in a compliant and ethical manner.

Do Pledjar take admin fees?

No, we do not charge the customer any admin fees. The full amount of your donation reaches the charity so that they can claim the maximum Gift Aid. At the end of the month, we charge charities a 10% transaction fee, which goes towards ensuring compliance and developing the app to help charities benefit more.

Why do I need to setup a direct debit mandate?

Open banking and payment gateways work in such a way that direct debit are the most secure, and cost efficient way of processing your donation. You always remain in control, and can cancel at any time.

When does my money get taken?

As you round-up your spare change, it accumulates in a jar ready to be donated to the charities of your choice at the end of the week. The reason for doing so is to limit the transaction charges Pledjar incurs, and thus allowing the charity to benefit more. You will be able to review your total weekly donation, and have the option to change the amount by deselecting daily roundups before it leaves your account.

What is Open Banking, and is it safe?

Open Banking is a relatively new financial services technology, which connects the user’s bank account to an app, using a highly secure Application Programming Interface (API). Many other apps which use the round-up model for investment purposes use Open Banking, and it is extremely secure. We are an agent of Truelayer, who provide the live Open Banking feed.

What is Pledjar's Privacy Policy?

You can read our Privacy Policy here

What is Pledjar's Data Policy?

You can read our Data Policy here

How do I make a complaint?

You can read our Treating Our Customers Fairly Policy here

Which, and how many charities can I select?

As long as a charity is signed up with Pledjar, and therefore will have been vetted and cross-checked with the Charity Commission, you can donate to them on our platform. We allow users to select a maximum of three charities, and you can change these whenever you want.

Why do I need a charity code?

This allows you to pre-select your favourite charity, and helps garner loyalty to charities.

Can I see which transactions were rounded up?

Yes of course, we want to ensure you are in control. You will be able to see a breakdown of your round-ups by going to the “Transactions” tab in the Menu.

How do I find different charities?

You can simply search by name or category for charities who have signed up through our easy to use charity directory.

Can I add Gift Aid?

Yes, after installing the app you’ll be asked to fill in the Gift Aid declaration form. This will automatically be added to your donations each time, helping charities claim what they are entitled to. It is your responsibility to amend the declaration if your circumstances change.

Can I pause my donations whenever I want?

Of course. We know everyone’s financial circumstances are different so, if you need to, you can pause your donations via your profile settings.

Why can't I view my transaction history?

If you are unable to view your transaction history, it is most likely because you need to reconnect your bank account to the Open Banking platform. You can find out why this is in the next question. It could also be that your bank is experiencing a period of downtime on the live Open Banking data feed.

Why do I need to reconnect to my account to Open Banking?

To ensure your safety and security, the Open Banking regulations stipulate that a user must reconnect their account every 90 days. It’s very simple. Just go to the Accounts tab in the Menu, and tap on the account you have been using, and you will be guided through a few quick and easy steps. You’ll also be reminded via email a few days before you need to do this.

When will my first donation be taken from my account?

The BACS requirement for a direct debit to be set up is ten days. When you first sign up, you can pledge your round-ups to the jar over the first ten days. These round-ups will then be donated on the first Sunday after the ten day set up period.

What will appear on my statement once I donate my money to charity?

Your donation will appear as Pledjar on your statement. Remember, we transfer 100% of your donation to your chosen charity.

Is there a limit on how much I can donate?

During the signing up process you can set up a weekly donation limit. Furthermore, there is a limit of £150 you can donate in one-off donations.

How can I dispute a donation?

Please email us at with details of the query, and we shall reply to you within ten working days.

Why are certain charities not on the Pledjar app?

Some charities may not appear on the app because they simply haven’t signed up yet. (Why not ask them via social media to sign up with Pledjar?) We at Pledjar also have a vetting process that means we only work with charities who meet certain criteria.