Making a real change is increasingly important in our world, even as it becomes harder to achieve. So, what if we told you that you could support your favourite charities by buying a coffee, or with your weekly grocery shop?

Charities are grateful for all of the donations they receive, no matter how big or small. If you currently donate a lump sum to your chosen causes at Christmas, or when a big event like Comic Relief takes place, you’re really helping the organisations to make a positive change in the world.

That said, when it comes to running long-term research projects, building new facilities or employing new staff members, being able to count on regular donations is paramount to ensuring the ongoing viability of a project. This is one of the reasons you might want to consider switching to a system which allows you to round up your spare change for charity, giving little and often, like Pledjar.

For a lot of people, setting up a monthly direct debit can seem like a big commitment, particularly as the gig economy becomes increasingly popular. Some donors may also feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed donating small amounts, even though every single penny helps to effect real change.

This is where Pledjar comes in

As well as giving charities regular donations to work with, it makes charitable giving easier for the donor by using Open Banking technology. Rather than having to decide a set amount to pledge each month, Pledjar rounds your debit card purchases up to the nearest pound, and puts the excess into a special pot. This means you can raise money for charities while you’re buying lunch, grabbing a drink after work or treating yourself to something special.

You’re in control

You’re then able to review all of the change that has been put into this special pot, before selecting your chosen charity and donating the pot. This means that, if things have been a bit tight one month, you can remove some of the spare change from your donation. The best part is, you won’t notice your odd pennies being rounded up from each purchase. You can also add Gift Aid to each of your purchases (as long as you’re a UK tax-payer), meaning that for every £1 you donate, the charity can claim an extra 25p. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you choose to pledge each month, because the combined impact of everyone using Pledjar is massive – by all contributing a little, we’re able to make big changes.

Stability is something we’re all looking for in nearly every aspect of modern life, but it can seem pretty difficult to come by these days. By implementing a small, regular donation by using Pledjar, you can make sure you continue to support the causes you care about, whilst also taking care of your own finances.

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