Do a little good

everytime you shop

We’d all like to give a little more to help others, but it’s not always possible without committing to bigger donations. With our Pledjar app, you can now round-up pennies from your purchases and donate them to your chosen charity. 


Round-up to the nearest pound

Whether you’re buying lunch, updating your wardrobe or just paying for a monthly bill, you can now round-up small change from your transactions to help make real change.

Support your favourite charity

We’re working with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to manage the administration of the donated money, ensuring it reaches your chosen charities in a timely and secure way.  This means you can now effortlessly give to the most popular charities in the UK. 

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Micro donations make the difference

The pennies you give doesn’t sound like much at all. But when it’s combined with thousands of other Pledjars, then your small change can go on to make real change. 

Get started in 4 easy steps

1. Create Account

Set up your account in just a few minutes by adding your mobile number, email and personal details.

2. Connect

Securely connect to your bank account through TrueLayer to get a live feed of your transactions.

3. Your plan

Set weekly limits or track daily transactions with round-up balances. You can even choose to give a little more.

4. Pick Charity

Pick a charity or charities from our growing list and, if eligible, confirm Gift Aid to help even more.

Safe and Secure

Our app supports most major banks and uses Open Banking to securely and privately display a real-time breakdown of your roundups on your apps screen. We’re also authorised and regulated by the FCA (849385) so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

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"The PayPal of charity tins"

Read our quick FAQs

Some quick answers to our most asked questions.

Pledjar does not store any of your personal banking information or have access to your account. We have partnered with TrueLayer, an FCA regulated and GDPR compliant trusted provider, to display a real-time breakdown of your round-ups on your app screen.

No, we do not charge the customer any admin fees. The full amount of your donation reaches our direct charity partners so that they can claim the maximum Gift Aid. At the end of the month, we charge charities a 10% transaction fee, which goes towards ensuring compliance and developing the app to help charities benefit even more. Donations administered by CAF will incur a 2% (from the 10%) fee to cover their costs. 

Yes, after installing the app, you’ll be asked to fill in the Gift Aid declaration form. This will automatically be added to your donations each time, helping our direct charity partners claim what they are entitled to. It is your responsibility to amend the declaration if your circumstances change.

Open Banking is a relatively new financial services technology, which connects the user’s bank account to an app, using a highly secure Application Programming Interface (API). Many other apps which use the round-up model for investment purposes use Open Banking, and it is extremely secure. We are an agent of Truelayer, who provide the live Open Banking feed.

You can simply search by name or category for charities who have signed up through our easy to use charity directory. More and more charities are registering with us everyday and, once they do, you’ll be able to select them as your new favourite.

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