Are you a Corporate?

Together Corporations and their employees can help charities thrive.

The transformational power of generous individuals coming together knows no bounds.

Lockdown and work-from-home measures have left companies and their people disconnected. The reality that we’re collectively facing across the globe is devastating.

Pledjar brings people together around a purpose.

With over 150 national charity partners, Pledjar is a fun, simple, habit-forming way to connect employees around making a positive social impact.


Once registered, you can encourage employees to download the app. Their pennies can then be matched and donated to multiple charities on the app.

With Pledjar, corporates can monitor their social responsibility impact on one platform with access to the quantifiable impact their company has made to the world, from total amounts raised to total number of charities supported.

Benefits to Corporates

corporate social responsibility.

Pledjar helps you quickly roll out an innovative corporate social responsibility program that gets employees engaged for good.

Strengthen your corporate culture.

Get insights into the metrics of the programme and how much, how often and why your employees are giving to charities across the nation.

explore employees passions.

Whether your employees care about the environment, biodiversity, disease research, poverty reduction, racial justice, or education, Pledjar works.

access to a corporate dashboard.

Create competition, promote your matching programmes, and encourage storytelling across internal and external company communications. 

Pledjar Charities Dashboard

“Our Pledjar Panel gives you valuable access to data insights and reports that will help you get the most from our platform.”

Muntazir Rai, COO