Many of our users have told us that the current structure of the manual process to round up transactions is quite cumbersome, and often you forget to do so despite intending to. This means lots of pennies you would have donated are just not getting to the charities you love.

We’ve taken on your feedback to make the weekly donation system even easier. Moving forward, all users will have their transactions automatically rounded up allowing you to donate seamlessly.

We still want you to have control over how much you choose to donate. In order to this you can:

1. Set a donation limit within the app. A weekly donation limit of just £7 would work out to only £1 a day, which will make an incredible difference to your charity.

2. Deselect specific days’ transactions at any time before Sunday.

3. If at any time you would like to pause your donations you can do so too.

Finally, you will need to re-connect your account by going to the ‘Accounts’ tab in the menu, and following the Open Banking reconnection steps – it’ll take less than a minute to do this.

We love to hear from our users, so if you have any more feedback you can share this with us via hello@pledjar.com

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