We're crowd-sourcing a better world

The world is better when like-minded people work together. With this in mind, we’ve set out to transform charitable giving by creating a tool that makes it easier and more convenient for people to donate. 

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You're in safe hands

We've worked hard to make sure our technology is safe, secure and user-friendly. We're also proud to be authorised and regulated by the FCA (918942), which gives you extra assurance that you're in safe hands.

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You can find out more about our experts below or visit our FAQs page for answers to our most asked questions.


Pledjar is the first app of its kind to use Open Banking to allow users to pass on their ‘spare change’ to aid the tremendous work that so many charities do.

And this is just the beginning. We are working on more innovations that will bring fresh thinking and help to drive real change in the charity sector.


As an enterprise with a strong social conscience we are committed to putting the needs of charities first. That’s why our 10% admin fee is charged after passing on 100% of donations to our direct charity partners, enabling them to claim maximum Gift Aid.

We are also committed to reducing admin fees as our user base grows. And finally, we are regulated by the FCA, ensuring security for donors and charities alike.


Our expert team isn’t just here to reflect change, we are committed to driving change too.

So whilst we are striving to keep improving our processes and our technology to help reduce admin fees, we are also looking for other ways to help charities achieve more.

“At the heart of our organisation lies a thirst to encourage people to pledge their spare change, thereby enabling charities to achieve more positive change in the world”

Mujtaba Jaffer
(CEO Pledjar)

Meet the team

As you might expect, the management team at Pledjar is packed with eggheads, computer geeks, and philanthropists who have experience in fintech, financial services, digital innovation and the charity sectors.

We also have board members who are leading authorities on matters relating to law, regulation and online security, but ultimately Pledjar is a product of collaboration. It’s taken a multi-disciplinary team two years to design and build a product that works for everyone.

Mujtaba Jaffer

Mujtaba Jaffer


Muntazir Rai

Muntazir Rai


Qazim Sumar

Qazim Sumar


Q. C. Abbas Lakha


Siddika Jaffer

Siddika Jaffer

Venture Builder

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Pledging to make a difference

People have always been passionate about supporting good causes with their spare change, but technology has changed both how we pay for everyday items and how we now give.  Pledjar bridges the gap between digital and donations by giving you transparency and practicality at your fingertips, so you can keep on supporting the causes close to your heart.