The app that turns spare change into real change

Supporting the charitable causes that we believe in isn’t always straightforward, especially when it comes to providing financial help. But what if it was simple and didn’t require deep pockets? What if support meant making micro-donations when it suits you? Pledjar is the charity collection tin that banks these small acts of kindness, which multiplied by the kindness of others helps to bring about real change.

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Small change can mean big change.

Pledjar is the charity collection tin that banks these small acts of kindness.

It’s free to download and endorsed by a growing list of nationally recognised and less well-known charities.

Download Pledjar today and start
making a difference.

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Why Pledjar?


Use the latest Open Banking technology to round up your card transactions. Whether it’s your morning coffee, cinema tickets or a meal out, little donations make a big difference to your favourite charities.


Want to make a one-off donation? You can do that too. You can support specific campaigns run by your selected charities with one-time donations, so you don’t need to fill in forms elsewhere.


An instant bonus from the taxman for any charity that you support. Isn’t that nice! Make a Gift Aid declaration when you sign-up and enable charities to claim an extra 25% on top.


Pick up to three different charities to support, then for a hassle free approach choose to automatically donate all your round ups. Or, alternatively, choose ‘manual’ and you can review your round ups at the end of each day before choosing how to donate.

All major banks supported

“I love that I have the ability to access a number of different charities to learn about their work without having to research them myself. Pledjar then makes it so easy to be able to donate to my selected charities.”

Simon, Pledjar User